It is no secret that Miami Florida is home to snakes… lots of them but you’ll be glad to know that the vast majority of snakes that we have encountered over the past 25 years they have been non-venomous which means that even if they bite you, they don’t excrete any venom. That being said, we tell everyone that calls us with some type of snake problem to consider the snake in question as venomous (notice I don’t use the term “poisonous” because no snake is poisonous, only potentially venomous). 

The dangerous snakes that we have to contend with down here (that are native) are the cottonmouth, the diamond back rattle snake, the pygmy rattlesnake and the coral snake. Fortunately for us, these breeds are VERY rare and 99% of the snakes that we encounter here at Humane Animal Removal are harmless to humans. With the invention of smart phones, we always tell people to take a bunch of pictures of the snake from different angles, especially of the head so that we can properly ID the snake. Unfortunately for us, if people describe the snake over the phone, it’s always exaggerated in size and length and one person would describe it as black with diamonds on it’s back while another describes it as dark brown with oblong marks on it’s back so it makes it hard for us to give safe advice over the phone. If you’re ever unsure and even if your neighbor thinks he knows what it is, call us, we’re here to help. 

Don’t kill it just because it’s a snake. Most eat rats, roaches and lizards and are completely harmless. Remember, they were here first. If we remove the snake it will be safely released far away that is only if it is native. All exotic snakes, if we cannot donate it to a licensed group to handle an exotic snake, it will have to be euthanized.

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