Aggressive dogs

If you are unable to handle your aggressive pet or you have become afraid of it, we can safely capture your dog and place it in your carrier for transportation.

You can transport it to your veterinarian for observation or we can make the delivery for you on your behalf.

Surrender your dog

If you no longer want your dog and it’s healthy, you, the owner will have to surrender the dog to Miami Dade County Animal Services.

We are not an adoption center. We will capture your dog and put it into your carrier but Dade County requires the registered owner of the dog to surrender it.

If your dog has bitten a person, your dog in all probability will be euthanized. If your pet is animal aggressive, Miami Dade Animal Services will reserve the right to try and get it adopted at their discretion. You will have to check with the county shelter on what their rules of intake are.

angry dog with bared teeth

Euthanasia of your dog

If your dog is elderly or gravely ill, we will pick up your pet with your written permission and have your pet euthanized. If you’d like us to take the dog to your veterinarian, we will do so. We routinely pick up dogs that the owners simply cannot handle as they are too large or in pain for transport.

We at Humane Animal Removal, understand this is a very difficult time for you and your family. It's even more stressful when your dog is crying in pain and is in such a state of distress that simply touching your pet it will cry louder, or may even lash out to bite. We are aware of these situations and will carefully remove your dog for you. We understand what you and your pet are going through.

Please note that Humane Animal Removal WILL NOT have a healthy dog euthanized. We love dogs and euthanasia is absolutely the last option.

Deceased dog removal

If your dog has passed away, we will go to your residence and remove the animal. We can have it cremated or buried at your request.

"An elderly canine strolls along the shoreline of a beach with golden sand, while the sun sets on the horizon, casting a warm orange glow over the sky and the water."

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