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The loss of a pet is one that really can’t be described in words. People that truly love their pets treat them like their own children because their love is unconditional. When the time comes to make the decision on what to do after your pets passing, we here at Humane Animal Removal give you a few options. We go to your house and pick up your pet and have it cremated privately (exclusively just your pet) or buried or group cremation with other pets). 

We give you three options:

  1. Private Cremation: Your pet is cremated by itself, you will receive the ashes back in a sealed box after about ten business days, shipped to your address. 
  2. Group Cremation: You also can choose to have your pet cremated in a “group” meaning with other pets, you would not get any ashes back. Group cremation is slightly less expensive than the first option of private cremation.
  3. Burial: If you do not want your pet cremated, the other option is burial. This is our most economical option. Our driver will pick up your pet and have it disposed of at the county facility. Miami Dade county has a pit that we are allowed to put animals into and then bury them. This is a mass grave, not an individual burial. Mass grave meaning other animals will be buried together with your pet. This burial area is where all animals are taken when not cremated. While this is obviously not a pretty thing to envision, it is the least expensive option. Humane Animal Removal will never try and sell you on a more expensive option, we let our customers decide what is the best choice for them.

After we pick up your animal, we will provide you a “Proof of Death” for your records via email as the county will need a copy of it as well. The Death Certificate is given if your pet was registered with Miami Dade County with guidelines on what to do with the document. If your pet is not registered with Miami Dade there is no need for us to provide a certificate for you, unless you would like one generated for your personal files. We will keep your pets information on file so if you lose your copy, we will always be able to provide it to you at no additional charge. Death Certificates may take up to two weeks to receive via email.


Without question, the toughest job we have to do here at Humane Animal Removal is assisting our customers with euthanizing their pets. Making that decision is extremely tough on you as a pet owner. When the time comes, be assured we’re here to help make the process as easy for you and your pet as possible. Many animals we pick up for euthanasia have already lost their ability to walk and it becomes painful for them to even move. When we arrive, we ask that you provide an old sheet or towel, and we will lift your pet in what you have provided to place it into the carrier. The reason we ask for you to provide this, is because the sheet will have your familiar home smells on it, which your pet is accustomed to and it will soothe your pet during the removal process. This also provides emotional support and security for your pet during the entire procedure. We will take your pet directly to our veterinarian where it is put to sleep by euthanasia immediately.

The process of euthanasia is by two injections, the first sedates your pet, the second is the injection that puts the animal to it’s final breath. Providing your pet is not aggressive, our technician remains with your pet when the first injection is given to put it into a deep sleep, our technician will be rubbing its’ ears and reassuring it as it is given the sleepy sedative. Shortly after your pet is sleeping the final injection is given. While it sounds cliché, it’s true that we treat YOUR pet like it’s OURS, and any way we can provide the gentlest way to have your pet leave this earth in a more peaceful manner; we will do so. From a personal standpoint, we never get use to this part of our job but knowing your pet is treated with respect is of utmost importance to us. 

Before we provide a pick up for euthanasia we have several questions to ask. We will never euthanize a pet just because you can no longer keep it. Yes, we have had calls for this request. Your pet truly needs to be at it’s end of life. We will also have you fill out paperwork authorizing us to have your pet euthanized.

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