Deceased Wildlife

Possum playing dead at night


Unfortunately there are times when some type of animal ends up dying on your property. Whether you own the animal or not, Miami Dade County Animal Services will NOT respond to it. Animal Services of Miami Dade only responds to dead animals on the road itself. This is where Humane Animal Removal can assist you. We will remove the dead animal within hours of the call and dispose of it properly. It is illegal to put the dead animal in the garbage and wait for your garbage truck for its removal.

Dead animals in your Walls

When an animal gets stuck in your wall and dies, the first question people always ask us is “How do you think it got in there?” The simple answer is that your attic is a very safe place for animals to live in. There’s really no threat of danger, if the air-conditioning air handler is up there, they literally drink the condensation on the pipes. Unfortunately, soon or later, one of the babies falls in the gap between the walls. The mother can’t retrieve it and it dies. We all know what happens after that. We at Humane Animal Removal have dubbed these as “Wall Jobs” as it’s our job to find just where the dead animal is located. This is no easy task. If a kitten gets stuck in the wall, it usually screams for it’s mother to come rescue it, we use these screams to find out just where the kitten is located and rescue it. Once an animal has died, there is no more sound, only smell and flies.
When both the homeowner and our technician agree on the area that needs to be cut, we will cut a hole in your wall. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes it is not. Every job is different. We obviously try to make as few holes in your drywall as possible but sometimes, it’s like finding a needle in a hay stack. If you do have this problem and are noticing flies getting into your house… DO NOT KILL THE FLIES. They have much keener ability to locate the animal than we do and we literally use them as a guide to help us find the dead animal. We even suggest to the customers to take the screens off the windows and open them in that room to allow more flies to assist in locating the dead animal. This method works!!! After we remove the animal you will need to hire a handyman to patch the holes. We are an animal rescue and removal service not a construction house repair company. To assure the best repair we strongly advise you to hire at licensed company to repair or patch the wall holes we had to create to remove the dead animal.
House mouse
Raccoon face Humane Animal Removal

Dead Animals under your House

Here in South Florida, many of our older homes were built with crawl spaces underneath them. This was done to make it easier to get to the plumbing. Unfortunately, this also tends to let animals have a cool place to live during the daytime. Cats and opossums especially like these dark areas (along with spiders and lots of creepy crawlies). More often than not, one of the above ends up dying underneath your home and the smell permeates into your house. Humane Animal Removal will send one of our technicians out to your property and remove whatever is making the smell. We have found sometimes that it is not a dead animal at all, it is a broken sewage line (yuck), if this is the case, you’ll have to call your plumber.

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