You would think that living in a metropolis area like Miami Florida, we would not have an issue with unwanted nuisance wildlife but that simply isn’t the case. Humane Animal Removal specializes in the capture of unwanted wildlife throughout Miami Dade county. We remove opossums, raccoons, iguana’s, Muscovy ducks, Egyptian geese, chickens, roosters, snakes and even foxes.
No animal is too big or too small for Humane Animal Removal to capture. We remove just about everything you could think of from venomous snakes to lizards to toads to sparrows. We have years of experience dealing with many different animals. Give us a call and we will solve your problem, it’s that simple.
Humane Animal Removal pride ourselves on being one of the few companies that have stood the test of time, established in 1989. Our customers are our best salespeople. Many other companies try to sell you on exclusionary services, we do not. We don’t profess to be contractors, we are trapping experts having over 31 years of trapping experience in South Florida. We’re mom and pop owned and have lived in Miami all of ours lives, not a franchised company. We genuinely want to solve your wildlife problem to keep our clients happy.
We remove unwanted animals from schools, condo’s, businesses and private homes. We’re the go to wildlife company for Miami Dade and do jobs that most other companies don’t or can’t handle.

Removal of deceased wildlife

Wild animals can simply die on your lawn, but in most cases they find a dark area to die such as under your car or building. Dead animals in your attic are not a problem for us either.  We remove them quickly and professionally.  There are situations where wildlife will go under your wooden deck or shed, no problem, we have equipment to remove them from tight crawl spaces.
HAR_Opossum in Yard

Trapping of wildlife

We are experts on trapping a number of animals which may be in your attic or living in your mango trees. The species of animals include the pesky raccoon, which is our most called about nuisance animal. We also remove other wildlife that inhabit Miami Dade. 
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We’re licensed and insured and can be contacted seven days a week.

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