Pet Services

Humane Animal Removal, specializes in servicing our customers needs with their pets. 

Which include:

  1. Deceased Pet Removal: Pick up for your cat or dog for cremation or burial services.
  2. Aggressive pet capture by placing it into a carrier for transportation.
  3. Veterinarian taxi transport services to and from your house or business location.
  4. Rescue, when a pet is in distress.

We assist with all types of pet problems that our clients may have on their property.  Sometimes we are simply called for some good old fashioned advice and we’re glad to help you any way we can.  With over 31 years in the business, there’s probably not an animal question that we haven’t been asked yet. Whether you have a stray dog in your swimming pool, cats in your attic or your trusted and loving pet is getting old and you just need someone to talk to, we are here to listen and advise.



Sometimes, just like people, animals go crazy. We have removed countless animals that have for some reason or another, have attacked their owners or other family members. While most of these cases are rare, it does happen and it’s not just limited to dogs. We have removed many cats that have attacked without warning. When a pet owner has tried everything to provide a happy loving home to the pet but it has become aggressive, do the wise decision, call us to come out for it’s capture. Owners need to provide safety to their family which should be the highest priority. Please understand that we cannot have an aggressive pet adopted elsewhere. No shelter will take an aggressive animal for rehoming, so euthanasia is the only option. We will capture the animal and place it into the owners carrier. Because they will be requesting euthanasia the legal owner will need to transport it to their personal veterinarian or to a local shelter. We are trained to deal with aggressive animals and have the tools to properly secure them safely.


We provide pick up services to and from a veterinarians office or a grooming clinic back to the pet owners house. Our services are one way or both pickup and drop-off.



Pets certainly can entertain a family, yet sometimes their antics lead them into trouble. Over the years we have rushed out to homes to rescue cats that have wedged themselves behind water heaters. Dogs have had their bodies caught half under a fence and we have rescued dogs that run up trees and cannot get down. Parrots that are loose in the owners house or snakes that slither in a closet. We have retrieved several cats that managed to get underneath sunken floors and can’t turn around. We have rescued animals in so many strange places that we could write a best selling novel!

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