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Humane Animal Removal offers several ways to help you with your pet cat. We also offer assistance to stray cat trapping. If you have a pet or stray cats, we offer options on the following:
  1. Cat trapping services.
  2. Cat transportation to and from your veterinarian.
  3. Euthanasia of your pet cat.
  4. Deceased cat removal for burial or cremation.


Everything we do here at Humane Animal Removal is per Dade County Animal Services rules. If we are contracted to trap cats, we give the customer the option of what they want done with them. 
There are two options:
  1. The option which we highly recommend, is having the cats sterilized and returned back to the same property. It is illegal for us, or any other trapping company to capture the cats and release them loose somewhere with no person to feed them and provide water. This is called “cat dumping” and we will not do it even though we are asked many times to do so. Please take into consideration the cats that you may want removed may only have eaten dry cat food their entire lives. By dumping them elsewhere, it may cause them to starve to death and that is something that we would never wish on any animal.
  2. You can have the cats trapped and transferred into your carriers. You must have a single carrier for every one cat to transfer them into. This is commonly used for people that are moving out of their house. They take them along because they are saddened and conflicted not knowing what will happen to the outdoor cats when they move to a new location. Another scenario is a death in the family and the surviving relatives want to transport the cats to their own home. You may also have a bunch of cats that you would like relocated to another property that you own or you have a friend will take responsibility of them.
Whichever option you choose, all cats that are captured are scanned for a microchip; if one is found, it is immediately returned back to the property. We are not in the business of having peoples personal pets trapped. We have a strict policy of immediately releasing any cat that has a collar, including a flea collar. This shows that it is owned and we will not remove it from where it has been captured. We also encourage the person hiring us to notify neighbors to allow cat owners to bring their personal cats indoors during the trapping days.
Some people ask us “Can’t you let them go onto a farm”? The answer is “No”. While this sounds like a nice idea, there is no farm here in South Florida that can handle the number of cats that we deal with on a weekly basis. Think about the reality of a farm receiving hundreds of cats per year. We believe in honesty with our customers, we have no farm that welcomes dozens upon dozens of cats from us weekly. If you must have the cats removed from your property, we suggest that we trap and transfer them into your carriers. You can place them in homes through social media or maybe you have a friend that will receive them into their neighborhood. Remember, the new location needs to provide food and shelter to the cats so let your friend know about this beforehand.You can have the cats trapped and transferred into your carriers.


Sometimes, our customers personal pet turns aggressive or they simply don’t want to be handled. We will send our employee out to your house, capture your cat in a humane manner and place it in your hard sided carrier for you to take to your vet.  If you don’t have transportation, we will deliver your cat to the vet of your choice here in Miami.  We can even pick up your cat after its’ visit to the vet.  We will literally be your pets personal chauffeur!


Sometimes, just like dogs, cats can turn into four legged terror machines. This can be your beloved pet cat or an outdoor feral one that you want captured. Humane Animal Removal will send an expert to your home to capture it. We will transfer the cat to your carrier for you to take to your veterinarian or if you would prefer we can transport it there on your behalf for an additional fee. We strongly urge the customer to not attempt this yourself because a cat, when being placed into a carrier will do whatever it takes to not go in the crate opening. We are trained to handle even the most aggressive feisty felines. Best to leave this to the professionals at Humane Animal Removal.

Mixed-breed cat hissing
Old cat


When your pet cat passes away, it’s natural to experience extreme grief. We are aware and empathetic to your feelings and will offer the comfort you need for your well being as we remove your pet. Many times we were called for a “removal service” weeks in advance to finalize the details ahead of time for cremation or standard burial to make the process easier for you. 
When the time comes for you to make the decision about your cats passing, we offer you three options:
  1. Cremation
  2. Group Cremation: We will come to your house and pick up your cat and have it cremated. You have your choice of a private cremation, where your pet is cremated by itself and you would receive only your pets ashes back in a sealed box after about ten business days, shipped to your address. You also have a choice to have your pet cremated in a “group” cremation where you would not receive any ashes back. Group cremation is less expensive than the first option of private cremation.
  3. Burial: This is the most economical option. If you do not want your cat cremated, the other option is burial. Our driver would pick up your cat and have it disposed of at the county facility. Miami Dade county has a pit that we are allowed to put animals into and then bury them. This is a mass grave, not an individual burial. You will not be allowed to visit this site. A mass grave means other animals will be buried together with your pet. This burial area is where all animals are taken when not cremated in Miami Dade, such as farm animals, and pets from veterinarians go to this location. While this is obviously not a pretty thing to envision, it is the least expensive option. We will never try and sell you on a more expensive option, we let our customers decide what’s the best choice for them.

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