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Most calls we receive from schools result from students that leave food lying around the property. For a cat, this represents a feast and litter box. Raccoons, opossums, and other wild critters enjoy these leftovers as well.

Whether the animal is domestic or wild, they provide a health concern for students.

This is a sensitive situation as we want to respect your elderly patients, as well as the animals they watch from inside the building. Elderly patrons have a compassionate heart and give food and attention to stray cats and other wild animals in the area.

Most assisted living facilities or nursing homes have a pond or canals around, which could be home to Muscovy ducks and other wildlife. These birds are fed bread, black beans, rice, and other treats -which inevitably become duck faeces on sidewalks and pavements- causing a slippery and odorous surface for elderly individuals to walk on. Unfortunately, this could lead to falls, detrimental injuries, and law suits.

It is our job to rid these properties of all types of wildlife. The feral cats will be sterilized to reduce the population over time.

Over the past 31 years, Humane Animal Removal has been at the forefront of helping hospitals remove unwanted creatures.

Most of the time the main culprit are cats. We have assisted in sterilizing feral cats from many hospital properties in Miami. Other animals, such as chickens, raccoons, ducks, and iguanas have decided to make local hospitals their home as well. We will work around the common areas to remove the wildlife invading hospital property.

Of course, there are a lot of wild animals living in our beautiful parks throughout Miami Dade. We will remove the live nuisance and deceased animals so visitors can enjoy the many Miami parks.

Local community parks are wonderful places to gather, exercise, and spend time with friends and family. We will assist with the trapping and removal of all unwanted wild animals with humane cages or hand nets. 

Humane Animal Removal removes deceased animals the same day when the call was placed. We encourage our clients to give us a call when this occurs on your property. In the past, we have removed many deceased animals from dumpsters, waste bins, and restrooms. 

The three animals most predominant at marinas are a variety of iguanas, ducks, and raccoons. They all enjoy scavenging in the trash that people leave as they unload their boat from a daily outing. The raccoon primarily  enjoys the dumpster full of leftovers from boating trips at night, when the marina is quite.

Humane Animal Removal will assist you with all of these animals.

Miami Dade County government properties possess a great number of exotic wildlife species. Critters, such as fox, raccoons, opossums, ducks, cats and the rising star of destruction the green iguana, are usually present at these locations.

Humane Animal Removal is skilled at removing and managing all these species in a respectful way. 

Here, at Humane Animal Removal, we focus on maintaining feral cats and a variety of wildlife including iguanas.

Feral cats, are an escalating problem for Home Owners Associations, condos, and private communities. This is when we will assist with your problem! We understand some residents enjoy the feistiness of community cats and other wild animals such as raccoons and others do not. We encourage a quarterly maintenance program to keep your residents safe.

Wherever there is food being fed to patrons and leftovers being thrown into their dumpsters, you will find Miami’s wildlife thriving.

Raccoons, opossum and cats frequent restaurants as often as the dining customers. Because there is a daily supply of scraps, restaurants become a magnet for these animals. Luckily our health department doesn’t allow restaurants to just simply ignore the large numbers of wildlife that multiply with a steady food supply. Health concerns from these animals a problem with many outdoor restaurants.

We work discreetly to safely capture the wildlife. 

Since we live in South Florida, a good number of our shopping centers are built next to water such as canals and lakes. Therefore, Muscovy ducks and iguanas are a nuisance. We assist with feral cats also, but more unique reptilian and avian creatures too!

It is important to note that shopping centers are highly notorious for people feeding feral cats. Often well-meaning individuals feed these cats. Later, people may drop off their cat at the shopping center, because they know, they will be fed. This only makes the problem worse and causes the population to grow exponentially.

We can sterilize the cats to assure the population will not grow out of control. We can also trap them for you and transfer the cats to your carriers.

Call us for details as every shopping center has different issues.

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