Ah, the lovely Muscovy duck, where do we start? Some people call them “Chinese Ducks” or “Canal Ducks” but they actually came to the US via Mexico. Depending on your position, the Muscovy is both loved or hated. Some people eat them (actually they are said to be delicious when fed a proper diet). These ducks are invasive, meaning they really don’t belong here in South Florida. Muscovy’s adapted to our canal systems perfectly, so perfectly that their numbers are now a serious concern. 
When Humane Animal Removal is called into communities that are simply over run by these ducks, sometimes there is resistance with the duck feeders.  Make no mistake about it, where ever people are complaining about ducks and the filth they leave behind, there are just as many people that want them left alone to propagate.  You have every right to remove ducks from your property. Local parks and private communities consider ducks a liability because their “droppings” may cause a slip and fall by pedestrians, especially vulnerable are the elderly. 
A large abundance of ducks make a mess of your property and while there’s nothing more cute than little yellow ducklings, they turn into large ducks in a matter of months. They eat just about anything from leaves, to grass to aquatic vegetation and have no natural predators once they reach the age of flight. We have removed ducks from hospitals, condo associations, shopping centers, retirement homes, HUD developments and many private residences due to health concerns to the property owners. Give us a call for assistance for duck removal from your property.

How do we catch the Muscovy ducks?

Netting is the most effective way to remove all species of ducks. We use throw nets for multiple duck capture or we hand catch them. We never use any poisons to capture the ducks.
Florida Wildlife Management Muscovy Duck

What happens after Humane Animal Removal catches the ducks?

The state of Florida laws on Muscovy ducks created and governed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission FFWC mandates that all exotic ducks or geese after capture are to be euthanized or taken to a location where they will never be let free. That would be a farm which we have access to take most or all of the ducks.

Can you stop the ducks from entering my property?

As long as you have people feeding ducks, you will continue to have them around. There are several ways to slow the duck population down.

  1. We recommend cleaning up all of your shrubs by removing the lower branches, this will discourage them to nest in that area.
  2. We can offer you wildlife exclusion services that are based on your property needs. If a fence is needed to discourage them from entering your residence, we will erect it for you.
  3. Encourage people who are feeding them to stop completely. If preventing them to to stop is not possible then have the feeder’s feed on the furthest part of the property away from yours. This method should help with fewer ducks gathering on your property.
PNG Muscovy duck fight

How many times do you come out to remove the Muscovy’s?

Two days. In two days of netting to capture the ducks we will have caught most if not all of them. We will also remove any eggs for a nominal fee. Ducks are smart animals, when they see us catching others, they will become leery of us and the nets.

We have been catching ducks for over 31 years and we have learned that it is best to cycle two days in a row every month for about three months. Then do a capture session once every quarter or go out on an on call basis.

Some history on the Muscovy Ducks.

These ducks were brought over for both show and food; since then the muscovy duck has invaded south Florida canals and lakes to the point where their population is a serious concern to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. Currently the bird is listed as “Migratory Status” by the US Fish and Wildlife Department.

Muscovy ducks quickly flourished in South Florida through our many waterways that are all interconnected and when not connected, they have no problem flying short distances to other areas. The ducks use our hundreds of miles of waterways to manoeuver all around South Florida. This canal traveling causes a problem of spreading their diseases to our native water fowl through inbreeding and overpopulating. Because of this, a special Florida Statue has been created which prohibits the release of the Muscovy duck into local neighborhoods.

A Muscovy Duck On A Nest With Her Newly Hatched Ducklings

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