Take an early morning drive along any canal in south Florida and you’re sure to see these prehistoric over sized lizards sunning themselves along the shore line. They’re non native and unfortunately, they’re here to stay as there are just too many of them to keep up with. 
How do you get rid of them? Well, that depends on your individual situation. If you have one that comes to your pool and suns itself, it’s pretty easy, we come out and trap it. You can’t poison them and you obviously can’t shoot them with a standard firearm as it is illegal in residential communities. Traps work, but iguana’s multiply almost as fast as you can put a trap out so there are times we have to shoot them with a pellet gun and yes, it is legal. 
Contrary to popular belief, they don’t eat meat, they eat flowers and grass. Iguana’s also burrow into the canal banks to sleep at night, this is causing a tremendous amount of damage to canals in all of south Florida. The very best way of getting rid of them is an extended freeze; they simply can’t handle the cold weather. Although the longer these iguana’s stay as an exotic in Miami, they will begin to thrive by natural selection, adapting every year to the climate and adjusting to a stronger generation.

We work closely with property management companies, hospitals, schools etc. to maintain a safe environment for pedestrians by removing iguanas from these properties. Humane Animal Removal offers maintenance programs for controlling the iguanas on various properties. 

When hired, first, we will remove as many iguanas as possible in a span of two to four days for a per iguana fee. When this process is complete, we recommend holding off for about three weeks and repeat the first process. Upon the completion of these two phases, we will place you on a quarterly maintenance schedule if you desire. The quarterly schedule is flexible to your needs. 

Quarterly schedule is your choice of:

  1. Charge a per iguana fee for each one removed in a course of two days.
  2. Charge of a flat fee for a sequence of three days on your site with unlimited iguana removed. 

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