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With our diverse culture here in Miami, we have some of the best foods, dancing, and outdoor activities in the entire country. With this diversity comes some negative aspects, for example, chickens and roosters eating any scraps we leave behind. Here in south Florida, the chickens and roosters are used as food, pets or for religious reasons.
Currently, it is illegal to have livestock in residential neighborhoods. Miami Dade County Animal Services does not have the resources to deal with this problem. If you have chickens and/or roosters in your neighborhood keeping you awake, you will have to hire a private trapper, such as Humane Animal Removal, to catch them and have them removed. 
All of Miami Dade including; Coral Gables, Hialeah, Homestead and other cities receive many calls complaining about chickens roaming the streets, but none have the ability to solve the problem. Humane Animal Removal does this task in a humane manner with the use of nets.
We have two options when it comes to the removal of chickens and roosters:
  1. Our crew rounds up every chicken that they can possibly remove on the property for a per chicken fee. Unfortunately, other chickens may be hiding in the bushes, sitting on eggs or in places that our team cannot access so we also offer another option.
  2. Maintenance Programs, where depending on the amount of chickens, we would go back approximately each month and do another round up. We have removed hundreds of chickens from neighborhoods, commercial properties, schools etc. This is the best way to keep their population in check.
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HAR_Chicken on street eating

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